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Honeycomb sandwich plates 

Honeycomb sandwich plates

WELITE sandwich plates have an extremely low mass per unit area. At the same time they exhibit high rigidity and pressure resistance. They are suitable for all applications where high strength at low weight is required.

Our WELITE 220 honeycomb sandwich plate is used very successfully in various applications.

It consists of:

Material of cover sheets: 0.5 mm aluminium sheet from AlMg3 (both sides)
Honeycomb core: Type CRF-1/4-ACG-003N-5.2
Type Dimensions Thickness Minimum order size
  mm mm  
(formerly Hexlite 220)
1250x2500 13,7mm/26,4 mm * 3 plates

* Other thicknesses can be manufactured on short notice with WELITE 220 upon request!


In addition to the WELITE 220 we also manufacture custom sandwich plates using our own honeycomb cores. The entire product range of the honeycombs is supplemented by a large variety of top materials thus creating a broad range of plates that can be manufactured.

Video: Production schema of the sandwich plates

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We offer comprehensive processing options such as adhesive formulation, friction welding, surface treatment, quality control tests, etc. We will be glad to assist you with the conception of honeycomb sandwich plates for your applications.

Our sandwich plates are used in the following applications: Automotive industry, construction, shipbuilding, leisure industry, transport, architecture as well as aviation and aerospace.

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