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Carbon NCF

Carbon non-crimp fabrics are distinguished in that the fibres are lying stretched, i.e. without the curvatures in the laminate common to the fabrics. This allows for the full power to be received in the laminate. In addition, carbon fibres exhibit greater tensile strength and significantly higher rigidity than glass fibres. The specific weight is approx. 30% lower. They are therefore particularly suitable for lightweight components where extreme strengths coupled with low weight are required. With biaxial carbon non-crimp fabrics two layers of unidirectional non-crimp fabrics are sown at angles of +/- 45°. The draping capability (flexibility) of the non-crimp fabric is high. Special advantage of biaxial non-crimp fabrics: Torsion layers can be laminated without waste.

Biaxial carbon non-crimp fabrics 

Biaxial carbon non-crimp fabrics

Biaxial carbon non-crimp fabrics
Type Standard
Weight Direction
of fibre
Yarn type Thickness Roll
length approx.
  cm g/m²     mm Linear meter  
MBB00 C 1270 410 1270 410 +/- 45° HS 12K 0,40 100 Branche Bootsbau Branche Automotive
MBB00 C 1270 600 1270 600 +/- 45° HS 12K 0,60 100 Branche Bootsbau Branche Automotive


  • Branche Flugzeugbau Aircraft construction
  • Branche Schienenfahrzeuge Rail vehicles
  • Branche Windenergie Wind power
  • Branche Bootsbau Boat building
  • Branche Automotive Automotive
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